1) WEBSITE/WEBPAGE: Construct either a custom Sterling Silver Webpage or Solid Gold Website using MLC created templates combined with photos and text provided by the client. MLC will integrate information provided by the Client as well as data from the American Kennel Club (AKC©) judging databases into templates to create a truly personalized judging website.

2) CREATION TIMEFRAME: MLC agrees to have the initial custom website/webpage online within 5 business days of the receipt of the client’s photos and text.

3) CLIENT’S POST-WORK APPROVAL: Once the website/webpage is complete, MLC will provide a customer approval link that allows the Client the option to sign-off on the completed work by submitting the online “Post Work Approval” form.

4) WEBSITE/WEBPAGE CHANGE ORDERS: MLC allows the client up to 3 changes throughout the year, for a total of not more than 1 man-hour of coding/design/creation within that year. If additional time is needed, then MLC will bill at the rate of $80 per hour (with client approval first). The 3 minor change orders allow for the addition of a couple photos and the updating of Breeds/Groups and other information.  In addition, any changes submitted via the change order form will have 14 business days to be implemented from the day we receive them.

5) CHANGE ORDER DOWNTIME: When change orders are submitted, there may be some very short-term down time as the changes are uploaded and tweaked. This is usually not noticeable to site visitors. MLC agrees to have change orders completed within 21 days of Client submittal.

6) HOSTING DOWNTIME: MLC maintains their primary hosting account with GoDaddy and are at the mercy of the servers provided by GoDaddy. MLC is not responsible for server downtime.

PLEASE NOTE: In the last 3 years, MLC has experienced zero downtime with GoDaddy hosting, but an occasional glitch is possible. If there is a major issue of downtime, then the appropriate number of days will be added to the tail-end of this contractual agreement. Unforeseen issues with hosting does not constitute cancellation of this contract on the part of the Client.

7) CUSTOM SUB-DOMAIN NAME:As part of this agreement, MLC is providing the client with a custom sub-domain name for the duration of the 1 year agreement. This is owned by MLC and the client has no rights of use once the agreement is terminated.

PLEASE NOTE: The domain name is MLC takes the domain name and drops the “www” and replaces it with the official name of the AKC© Judge and adds it before the domain name. This is what is referred to as a “subdomain”. For example, if the judge‘s official judging name is Jane M. Doe, then the custom sub-domain would be

8) CUSTOM FORWARDED EMAIL: MLC agrees to provide one (1) custom forwarded email for the duration of the one year agreement. This is owned by MLC and the client has no rights of use once the agreement is terminated. The client provides their current email address and MLC takes the custom email address and forwards it on to the clients’ current email address.

PLEASE NOTE:MLC creates a forwarded email using the domain account. We take the same formal judging name used for the website/webpage and place this name immediately before the For example, if the judges normal email address was and her official judging name is Jane M. Doe, then the custom email would be

9) REFUND POLICY: Once the client approves the custom website/webpage and their custom email is working, then there is a NO REFUND POLICY. The majority of the fee paid is for the design, coding and programming of the custom website/webpage and for the set-up of the email. It would be unfair for MLC to invest the time and after the client approves the work, he/she has a change of heart and wants their monies refunded. The Client is free to sever the agreement at any time during the year, but barring some gross negligence on the part of MLC, the Client can expect no financial reimbursement from MLC.

EARLY CANCELLATION: If the Client cancels the contract before the completion of the website, then the Client waives either the $50 webpage set-up fee.  Because work commences the moment the order is placed, the set-up fee cannot be refunded. However, the remainder of the Client’s payment, minus the Paypal charges, will be refunded.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Now that the MLC contractual responsibilities have been clearly stated, please understand that MLC has been a service-oriented company since June of 1995. We strive to do our absolute best and stand proudly behind all of our work. If you ever feel dissatisfied, then please bring it to our attention and we will do our best to make things right. Occasionally we make huge errors but we operate in an environment that allows for errors and mistakes, as long as our clients allow us the opportunity to give it our best effort to correct those mistakes and errors. If you really feel like severing our contract is your best option, then contact us and let’s figure out how to make lemonade out of the sour lemons so that nobody feels that they have been taken advantage of in our business dealings.

Since the construction of a website/webpage requires effort on the part of both MLC and the Client, the Client also has certain responsibilities and timelines to fulfill. Failure of the Client to provide the needed content will result in the waiving of the time constraints on MLC, as noted above.


1) MAKE QUICK PAYMENT: The Client should either immediately make their payment via Paypal, or immediately mail their check to: Michael Leavitt * 1145 N. Main Street * Orem, Utah 84057. The MLC time constraints for the initial completion of the website/webpage do not start until the client’s payment has been received and cleared the bank processing.

NOTE: There is a $50 fee for bounced checks.

2) COMPLETE THE CONTENT QUESTIONAIRRE: The Client will need to complete the online questionnaire that allows MLC to fill in the content portions of the Client’s website/webpage. This includes the needed information regarding the Client’s judging biography, judging highlights and frequently asked questions.

3) PROVIDE NEEDED PHOTOGRAPHS: No less than 10 photos are needed of the Client, preferably either in the show ring or at the awards pedestal. These need to be in electronic format and in a large enough size to allow cropping and resizing by MLC for presentation on the web. A facial close-up is also needed so that the judge placard can be made.

4) GOOGLE CALENDAR: Clients signing up for the Pure Gold website can integrate a special Google Calendar into their “Judging Assignments” page. The Client agrees to register in a timely manner with Google and create their own Google Calendar that can be integrated with the website. This is very simple and MLC is creating a tutorial to help those new to Google Calendar easily jump through the hoops. This feature can be waived by the Client, but there is a $25 fee to integrate the feature back into the site if the Client later decides they want the feature.

5) PROVIDE LEGAL & ACCURATE CONTENT: It is our Client’s responsibility to provide pictures and written content for their website/webpage for which the have the rights of use. This includes permission to use photos, and text that is not plagiarized. MLC bears no responsibility to investigate and obtain permission from third parties to use the content provided by the Client. MLC will defer any and all legal actions and/or third party complaints directly to the Client. Let it be repeated, “The Client is responsible to provide legal and accurate content for their website/webpage.”

6) IMMEDIATELY COMMUNICATE ANY FRUSTRATIONS: Since most of this work and transaction will take place via internet communication, MLC expects the Client to immediately send an email voicing any frustration or complaint. This provides a well documented resolution trail, and allows MLC the ability to help out wherever needed, as it relates to the custom website/webpage and/or custom forwarded email.

7) MAINTAIN REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS: There are some clients that would really be better served to invest between $1,000 to $5,000 for a truly one-of-a-kind Perfect Platinum Website. MLC offers this more elaborate service, but realizes that it is most likely beyond the means of most AKC© Judges due to the limited nature of judging solicitation. This is why MLC developed the Pure Gold Website and the Sterling Silver Webpage options. These options give the Client a professional web presence for a very reasonable annual fee.

NOTE:The Client agrees to not pay for silver or gold and then try and demand platinum.


MLC looks forward to a long-term agreement with our Clients. To encourage this ongoing relationship, MLC agrees to extend the reduced payment rates for the next 10 years, as long as the Client pays before their subscription expires. The date for expiration is 365 days from the day the Client submits their “Post-Work Approval” form and remains that day for the next 10 years. Submitting this form indicates full acceptance from the Client that the website is operational and the email is operational. If this form is not promptly submitted, then refer to the “REFUND POLICY” above.


Pure Gold Website - You will be locked in at the initial rate minus the $50 set-up fee. This means that as long as you pay your annual fee in a timely manner that you will not experience fee increases.

Sterling Silver Webpage - You will be locked in at the initial rate minus the $50 set-up fee. This means that as long as you pay your annual fee in a timely manner that you will not experience fee increases.

DELINQUENT PAYMENTS: If the second and subsequent year payments are delinquent more than 14 days, then all prior agreements are dissolved and the Client will be charged the current published rates of the day.


New Clients are asked on their initial application if they have been referred by another Judge. We track these referrals and offer you a FREE second year of website/webpage hosting for every 4 judges who sign up for a Pure Gold Website and list you as their referrer. If you refer 8, then your third year is free, and so forth and so forth. If you like the service provided by MLC, then we ask that you share it with your fellow Judges. This is our way of thanking you for your recommendations.

NOTE: Your referral numbers are listed at the bottom of your initial home page.

The Client must understand that they do not own the intellectual property and layout provided in their webpage/website. The client also does not have any rights to the use of the subdomain name and/or the custom email address once the contract is terminated. If the client wants these rights, then further negotiations should continue with MLC to discuss the Pure Platinum Website options.
UPGRADING FROM WEBPAGE TO WEBSITE: At anytime in the first year, you can upgrade from the Sterling Silver webpage to the Pure Gold website for a $75 set-up fee and $200 for the added website fee. (Total upgrade cost: an additional $275)
If the day arrives that MLC can no longer continue providing this service for our clients, then we will do our best to find another provider to take over your account so that your service will be continued uninterrupted.
NOTE: If any portion of this Contract is found to be invalid or unenforceable by any court, mediator or arbitrator, the remaining terms shall remain in force between the parties.
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* Michael Leavitt & Co (MLC) and is a private enterprise that is NOT affiliated with the American Kennel Club (AKC©). MLC established this service website to help professional dog show judges create and take control of their their online image.
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