Shelly L. Leavitt has an incredible talent for business. She is able to view the larger picture and help bring about success where others see none. She is perfectly suited to handle the demands of both the sales and support aspects of

Shelly LeavittSALES SUPPORT MANAGER - Prior to having her second child, Shelly thrived in the business world of yellow page sales. She dealt with the unique yellow page sales force stresses, challenges, and joys as the Sales Support Manager for the National VP of Sales. As such, she managed over 25 sales support staff members, as well as handling the administrative duties required to support the National VP of Sales. Before taking on this job, Shelly had over 10 years experience working in various fields supporting various executives and offices where she acquired many office skills.

NATIONAL VP OF SALES & SUPPORT - With her prior successful venture into the yellow page industry, Shelly took the leap of faith with a new offspring start-up yellow page firm. Her experience and skill sets made her the obvious choice to become the National VP of Sales & Support.

PRESENTER - Shelly has great people skills and is very comfortable doing presentations before large groups of people. After developing an office system for her husband’s home inspection business, she was asked to present a class at the annual home inspection conference for a national association.

GRAPHIC DESIGN & COMPUTER SKILLS - Shelly has always been able to understand and learn computer programs quickly. Among the many programs she has learned, QuarkXPress and Adobe Illustrator were two that she taught herself in her earlier yellow page career.

COPY EDITOR - Shelly has both the curse and blessing of being able to spot a typo from 50 paces. This is a blessing for those that can’t see flaws on the written page. The curse comes from the inability to turn off and on the talent as needed! Sometimes it is not appreciated when someone is just trying to write you a heartfelt sentiment!!

CUSTOMER SERVICE - Starting at a very young age, Shelly excelled at customer service. As an example, she spent a season working at the steakhouse at Knott’s Berry Farm in Southern California where she earned not only one Berry Award for great service, but two. This did cause some problems of jealousy as it was difficult to earn just one…let alone two!!

DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS - Shelly has proven herself to be a stickler for details. While others learn to not sweat and ignore the small stuff, Shelly excels in identifying and resolving the small stuff.

FAMILY LIFE - Shelly’s number one priority is her family. The mother of 4 wonderful children ranging from 12 to 20, Shelly supports all of them in all of their varied activities. Shelly is now adjusting to becoming the Grandmother of twins and loving every minute of it. Shelly enjoys crocheting, watching BYU sports, watching her kids in musicals and choir performances, watching her kids play sports, and kissing twin grandbabies! Shelly shares, “Time is flying by so very fast and we always have to remember to stop and enjoy time today!”

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