Michael D. Leavitt is a man with many talents, but is best known for his critical eye. In 1995, both he and his lovely wife Shelly started the successful inspection business, Michael Leavitt & Co Inspections, Inc. Michael LeavittFor the last 15 years, this has been a very successful enterprise that allowed Michael the ability to use his critical eye to spot defects and issues in residential and commercial buildings.

SO HOW DID MICHAEL BECOME A WEB DESIGNER? In 1997, Michael took his computer skills and started managing online bulletin boards and he began designing crude websites. “It did not take much to impress people on the internet back in the 90’s since everything was mainly text driven,” says Michael. He was able to make all of the typical rookie coding mistakes back when very few people were sophisticated enough to notice.

NUTTYPUTTYCAVE.COM - Since the late 1990’s, Michael has managed and developed websites for national trade associations, small businesses, and community groups. Michael was the Cave Access Manager for the busiest wild cave in Northern Utah, Nutty Putty Cave, and brought to the internet www.NuttyPuttyCave.com which featured a completely automated online reservation system for caves. This was visionary to the caving community and a huge success. Unfortunately, the tragic death of a caver in November 2009 shut the cave down permanently. However, the website still remains a resource for cavers worldwide

WEBSITE EXPERIENCE - As of 2010, Michael manages 54 domains full-time, as well as assists with numerous other website projects. The prior 11 years experience designing and managing websites has definitely come in handy as we watched the Northern Utah real estate market crash in 2008 and there became little use for property inspectors. This has allowed Michael more time to branch out into his other loves with photography jobs and web design projects, which were never possible when the real estate market was booming.

SERANDIDA.COM - In 2004, Michael took on the daunting task of bringing Susan St. John Brown’s long, successful breeder history to the internet by developing  www.Serandida.com. Susan struggled with how to deal with 35 years of success behind her and great vision for continued success in the years to come. Susan literally had a large shoe box of photos from the last 30 years and she had no idea where to get started or how to get a website off the ground. Michael advised, taught, coddled and encouraged her through the entire process.

“Susan spoke “dog” and I spoke computers, internet, and house. Needless to say, I had a lot to learn about the dog world! The last 7 years of talking “dog” with Susan while we built her huge website presence (138 pages and growing), has allowed me into her world of breeding, showing and judging. Because of this experience, I feel this makes me uniquely qualified to produce web pages for AKCC Judges. In November 2010, Susan shared with me the announcement of the AKCC Judge solicitation policy change and I just knew it was the perfect opportunity for me to be able to help the AKCC Judges gain an immediate and professional online presence with the launch of both www.AKCJudge.com and www.BestDogShowJudge.com.”

MORE FROM MICHAEL - Michael continues,

“AKCC Judges who take advantage of our new and personalized AKCJudge.com websites will be greatly benefited by our efforts to give them a professional image online, and in return, the Leavitt family will also be greatly benefited. The new policy change within AKCC comes at a perfect time for me and I feel that we have a great service and product to offer Judges throughout the country. I really look forward to this wonderful new challenge working with AKCC Judges and helping them be successful online.”

That sums up how Michael became involved in the world of web design. If you would like to know more about Michael, then follow the link below to Michael’s bio written for his involvement with the emerging energy retrofit industry.

PERSONAL TIDBITS ABOUT MICHAEL - Michael and his wife, Shelly, reside in Orem, Utah. They have 4 children between the ages of 12 and 20 and this summer became grandparents to twins! Michael enjoys outdoor activities with his kids like hiking, backpacking, fishing, snow skiing, tubing, water skiing, wakeboarding, skateboarding, biking, running, rock climbing, and his newest interest, caving and rappelling. He loves all sports but especially basketball and baseball.

Michael has been involved in some way or another with Boy Scouts of America for over 23 years, mainly as a Scoutmaster, and very much enjoys working with youth and helping them to find their potential as human beings. Michael’s most frequent physical activity is playing pick-up basketball games 2 to 3 nights a week and most of the time bringing along his 12-yr-old son Aaron to play with the “big boys.”  Michael has coached his children in baseball and basketball and enjoys the coaching process of teaching kids fundamentals and good sportsmanship. He hopes he can leave an impression with them that they have value and that sports are fun so he never has a “B” team or people who play consistently right field only. He tries hard to find their unique skills and fits that with a position where they can shine.
Michael is a gifted teacher and presenter and has been able to use these skills many times. He has presented many classes to home inspectors around the country, to Boy Scouts, to Cavers and to fellow church members and is also a favorite emcee at community events.

Michael feels that being a father is the most important job he will ever have and so has devoted himself to his children and their interests and activities. When his oldest daughter started Jr. High, she started being in musicals and plays and Michael started his photography and video “career.”  Her interest spread to the other 3 kids and so going to plays has now become part of his life. Having not had any experience or previous love for the theater, he has attended every one of his children’s plays not just one night, but every night of the run. This started 7 years ago and is still going today. He became known as a gifted photographer and would take over 4,000 pictures of each production!! Parents clamored for his pictures because they weren’t blurry and they wanted to remember their kids’ performance. He also has started personal webpages for every sports team his kids have been involved with and posts pictures and comments from every game, not just of his kids, but of every kid on the team! You know people are fighting to be on the Leavitt’s team just for the web presence alone!!

Michael also is a talented tailor. Not only did he design and sew his wife’s wedding dress using no pattern (yes, you read that right!), but he made his own white satin tuxedo with tails to his ankles (at 6’ 7” they weren’t available off the rack!) two weeks before the wedding, also using no pattern! Nowadays, he uses his sewing talents in supporting his kids. Many costumes have been sewn and/or repaired by Michael over the years and he is always on-call during the run of the play productions for any sewing emergencies.

Michael is extremely handy with tools of all sorts. He can repair just about anything…let’s just say we haven’t run across anything yet he can’t fix! From construction work to handyman work to welding to car repair work to inventing new gadgets to improve his lifestyle, Michael can do it all! He has shared his talents with many friends and family and has taught his children that service is an important part of life. On that note, Michael is the first to volunteer his services at group gatherings, whether it be informal or formal, and never leaves early to escape “clean-up duty”.  You can always find Michael cleaning up after church activities or being in someone’s home and his kids are right beside him learning how to work and serve others.

In retrospect, it probably would have been a shorter list to mention what Michael CAN’T do! 


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