Shelly LeavittMichael LeavittWe are so glad that you have stopped by to visit our website. has been developed specifically for the Judges of the American Kennel ClubC. We offer cost effective solutions for Judges to be able to offer their services on the internet. Enjoy your visit here and we look forward to developing a website for you today!

We are also excited to present several different email and subdomain names for you to choose from.

This allows several options for you to choose. One Judge may like, while another might prefer Others may like using their full judging name instead of just thei first name.

By the same token, Harold’s website address would be, while Sherry’s would be

NOTE: The American Kennel Club is still developing stated policy regarding judging emails and domain names. It remains to be seen as to whether they can prevent their Judges from using the 3 letters AKC in either their email adress, domain, or subdomain.

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* Michael Leavitt & Co (MLC) and is a private enterprise that is NOT affiliated with the American Kennel Club (AKC©). MLC established this service website to help professional dog show judges create and take control of their their online image.
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